How Ocean Beds are Spreading

How Ocean Beds are Spreading

Posted by Manisha on March 19, 2020

What do you think about the ocean/ sea bed spreading? Is it really possible or just a myth? Friends let’s find out all about ocean bed spreading or sea floor spreading in this post.

Our earth is covered by 71% of water and 29% of the land in its total area. Just like the human body. Most of the water found in the ocean of its total percentage.

However, it became necessary to know about our oceans in detail.

Our ocean had too many mysteries under its water level and bed spreading is one among them. Ocean beds are spreading day by day and new beds are formed very slowly. The process of formation of a new bed or crust under the ocean water level is known as SEA FLOOR SPREADING.

Now the question is why and how our ocean beds are spreading?

Our earth crust is not as it looks like from above. It is divided into many small and large pieces and these pieces are known as plates. These plates keep moving and their study called Plate Tectonics. These plates divide the whole crust including oceans and locations where two plates meet are called plate boundaries.

When two different plates move in the opposite direction then the areas of plate boundaries face volcanic eruption and earthquake.

  • This process also occurs under the ocean on its bed. When ocean beds face volcanic eruptions then-new crust is formed due to the cooling of magma which came out with the volcanic eruption and already present crust spread from its older position to newer one.
  • This new magma made the new crust on the ocean bed, this process repeats itself numerous times as results the Sea Floor Spreading.
  •  For example: Mid Atlantic Ridge in the Atlantic ocean is the best example of seafloor spreading.
  • Ocean beds are spreading around one inch in a year.
  • This also helps to prove Continental Drift Theory, which says that all the continents do not look like their today’s form. They all belong to only a big landmass called Panagia.

However, seafloor spreading does not have any connection with the increase in ocean water levels. Both are totally different phenomena.